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Updating your front door makes a big difference.

Islamic home loans are an interesting product and when you look at our website you’ll see that we have all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about finally getting one of these islamic mortgage loans. We want to make sure that you get all the information you need to make the right decision and that’s why we even included a section on Sharia compliance and an ijara calculator that can help you crunch a few numbers.

That said, we’re also here to make sure that you get some good advice on updating your home so your equity keeps building over the course of your Islamic financing loan. Ask any homeowner who’s been in the game for a while and they’ll tell you that first impressions are one of the most important things you need to focus on. That’s why experts suggest painting your old front door or even investing in new one will make a tremendous difference to that all-important metric.

Other quick fixes that will make a big difference include repainting the old trim and getting a new set of house numbers.  Trying some different lighting fixtures at the front can also make the whole area look completely different and striking to first-time guests or possible buyers.mar 24 5




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Cut your home heating bills this winter

As you already know by now, islamic home loans area a great way to keep you expenses in line and stay Sharia compliant at the same time. By avoiding riba, these islamic mortgage loans are the perfect way for the practising Muslim to own some real estate without running contrary to his or her beliefs. Of course as the winter approaches here in the United States and in Canada to the north, there’s some concerns about the rising costs of heating your house. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a few hints on the things that you can do to decrease the amount you’ll spend on your energy bills when the snow starts to fly.
Weatherstripping. When you remember that seven to ten percent of any home’s heat loss occurs around the doors and windows you’ll see right away why checking the weather-stripping is necessary. It needs to be replaced every few years and the entire operation is as easy as pulling off the old stuff and credit cardstacking on the new.
Check electrical boxes. The ones that are placed on exterior walls need to be checked because there is quite often no insulation around them.
Being a complete homeowner that understands everything that needs to be done to keep a home running properly includes selecting the proper islamic mortgage loans and looking after the ways to save on your heating dollar.

For some other great ideas in Isalmic home loans, click here.

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Some things to think about before you buy a rural property

When you talk to the average person about the kind of property they would like to live once they get their Islamic mortgage financing squared away, many will tell you they prefer a rural property over living in the city. There are some factors that are the same for both styles of property in that people who live in either place want to be sure they have a safe location where they can raise a family, but living in a country setting presents a few other factors that need to be included in your decision-making process beyond islamic home financing.home for sale
For example, you’ll need to consider the whole issue of access in the colder winter months. It’s wonderful to look at a location in the summer or fall that looks scenic and beautiful but you need to be sure that you can get in and out of the roads and they are serviced by the local municipality or Township to clear snow away when the bad weather starts. You’ll need to be sure that the property you’re looking at has all the utilities included or you need to make other arrangements.
Not having a municipal waste removal system means that you’ll need to look at getting your own septic tank and this can add to the overall cost beyond islamic mortgage financing.


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Islamic home financing and some ways to repair a credit score

It’s important that you find yourself standing on good financial legs before you apply for Islamic home financing. Eventhough Islamic mortgage financing is riba free you’ll need to have a good credit score so that you don’t present a bad risk to the lending institution that wants to give you the money.

Some people have found themselves in an unenviable position when it comes to their credit score through no fault of their own. For these folks, making sure to repair the credit score is a necessary first step before you can get ijara loans.ijara 1

Starting with the fundamentals is your best plan and that means paying your bills on time if you haven’t already been doing that. If your credit score is in serious trouble, although it might sound counterintuitive, taking out some credit and making sure you make regular payments on it is a great way to start rebuilding trust with any lending institution.

Remember that no credit score is irreparable. No matter how far down you’ve gone it’s possible to turn things around and let lending institutions and banks know that you’ve become financially responsible.

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If you want to buy a new home, read this first

There’s a fair percentage of people who take on ijara loans and then want to buy a brand new house without fully understanding what they’re getting into. Islamic loans usa make sure that you stay sharia compliant during the whole process but of course there’s a few other things to learn when you’re buying a home that goes directly from the builder’s ownership to yours.

For example, people might not realize they can actually get a builder to change the color of a room or a few accessories before they sign on the dotted home securityline. Buying a home that’s already been built and lived for a number of years makes this more difficult, but when you’re talking about a brand-new subdivision, construction materials might still be on site so some of these changes aren’t really a big deal.

There might even be some additional wiggle room for the financing where your ijara loans are concerned since many builders often work with lending institutions. Taking a look at all of your different options before the house is finished is a grand idea that can put you in a better position to negotiate.

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How ijara loans and a new home are a perfect match

Picking Islamic mortgage financing and making the decision to do what’s Sharia compliant is only one of the bigger choices that you’ll need to make as you the enter real estate markets and decide on the type of home that you want. It might surprising at first to find out that not everyone wants a brand new home and some people are more content with an older lived in place and the amenities as well as landscaping and architectural features those places supply.

Still, using Islamic mortgage financing to purchase a brand-new dwelling is a good idea for several different reasons including some of the following.home for sale

With a brand-new location, you’re able to make personalized choices such as the kind of siding you want and different kitchen features relating to the cabinets and flooring. A home that has been built recently will also have lower maintenance costs that it’s older cousins.

It’s also important to remember that these newer homes are often safer than the older versions because they have been built to the latest codes and standards. Finally, it’s worth considering that you generally get a builder’s warranty with the new home.

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Buying your first home? Here’s a few words on appreciation

Islamic home loans are a great way to buy a place of your own and stay Sharia compliant at the same time. Of course there are a few things that you need to learn as you continue on your homeowner’s jury. Starting off on the right foot with some helpful tips when you first get involved is a good idea.mar 24 4

Remember it’s important to get the most for your money when you sign on the dotted line with islamic mortgage loans to buy a new home. Some of the concepts that you will need to deal with might not be familiar if you’ve been renting for a number of years and one of these is called appreciation.

If you’ve been watching carefully over the last several years on both sides of the border in Canada in the United States, you’ll see that appreciation, or what the home is actually worth, has been rising steadily. Of course there are several factors that increase your appreciation as time goes on including how quickly you pay down your islamic mortgage loans.

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Watch out for these renovation mistakes

Getting involved with islamic home financing is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. There’s a lot to learn about how these islamic mortgage financing products are the same and different than more conventional western style mortgages and one place you can start is in reading about How It Works on our website.

After that you can start looking into how renovations are a sure fire way to increase the equity you have in your home. However, you need to understand there’s a few big mistakes that you’ll need to avoid when looking to undertake these renovations yourself.

• Make sure you have a plan that you work to. People looking to renovate often start by pulling off the wallpaper and then gutting a whole wall because they don’t know where to stop. checklistUnderstanding that not every job needs to be a complete overhaul is important. Sometimes just stripping the wallpaper is good enough.
• Remember that duct tape is only a temporary solution. All to often DIY’ers make the mistake of thinking this common remedy is permanent.

Rather than helping you to make money, renovation mistakes actually cost you dollars in the end when you need to gut what’s been done to have it repaired.

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Avoid these huge renovating mistakes

Of course you’ll want to make the most out of the property you buy with islamic home loans and that means understanding when it’s a good time to start looking at the kind of renovations that will increase your equity. Keep in mind that while using islamic mortgage loans to further your financial stability with real estate is always a sure fire method, renovations are more tricky and require careful planning.

That said, here’s few renovation mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

• Measurements that aren’t accurate. Starting out on the wrong foot usually doesn’t end well and that’s just what you’re doing when you measure something wrong. Check all your measurements several times to ensure they are right before you proceed. Remember even a half inch mistake can make a world of difference.
• Skipping the right preparations. Starting from the very beginning is the only way to ensure everything gets done right in the end and that means paying special attention to what’s often home ownershipconsidered the boring preparation work at the beginning of the project.

Islamic mortgage loans are just one of the tools that you can use to make money in the real estate game. Renovations will increase your equity providing you avoid the pratfalls.

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Islamic home financing and getting the right documentation together

Getting all the necessary documentation together is an important part of the Islamic home financing experience. Although there are some big differences between islamic mortgage financing products and more traditional western style loans, there are some similarities and having all the paperwork together applies to both.

• You need to have a decent work history to get either type of loan. Your work history should show that you’ve been responsible with the jobs that you’ve had over a number of years.
• Lenders will also want to know where you’ve lived over a period of time. It’s really all about showing that you’re a responsible member of society that doesn’t present a large threat for home for salenonpayment of the loan.

You need to be sure you’re credit rating is in good order as well. It’s harder to get islamic home financing with a terrible credit score but there are quite a few things you can do to repair one so that you’ll be in good standing. You can start turning things around by paying bills on time.

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