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Islamic finance and a few tips on cleaning stucco

As you probably understand already if you’ve been reading these blogs, the islamic finance products that you can buy from an islamic bank or get online through a company like this one is only the first step in homeownership. Once you start looking around and deciding on the kind of property that best suits your budget and needs, you might find yourself dealing with some interesting materials like stucco.

This is a relatively easy kind of siding to maintain and one of the biggest advantages is the fact that it doesn’t rot. It’s important to keep in mind that stucco is very porous and can hold paint better than other materials. One of the only downsides is the fact that it is generally considered brittle and can crack when the house shifts.

When it comes time to repair one of these cracks make sure that you clean away all the loose debris and depending on the size of the opening, you can generally use a paintable fifty-year silicon caulk and your finger to make a repair that’s invisible to the naked eye. You’ll need to use latex patching compound for wider cracks. It’s a natural progression from getting your first Islamic finance loan to learning the art of home maintenance.


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Ijara loans and the joys of home ownership

Ijara loans are the passport that opens the doors to homeownership for you and if you live north of the border you can get an ijara Canada product that suits your needs and budget. It’s probably not necessary to remind you about the advantages of owning your own home if you’re reading this blog,but we thought we’d list a few of the bigger benefits for your reading pleasure anyway.

  • Stability is one of the immediate benefits from owning your own home because you don’t need to worry about the rent going up on a constant basis and forcing you to move every once in a while.
  • Remember that when you own your own place you can change even the small things that don’t suit you  like the colors of the walls or the ugly shag rug in the living room.
  • When you use ijara loans to buy a place of your own your sense of community deepens. Even if you’re not all that social to begin with, buying a house makes you more appreciative of your surroundings.

You can get ijara loans on both sides of the border and we have a great list of Ijara Canada products for you to look through.


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Surfing for that home with your ijara mortgage

As you more than likely already know by now, looking for almost anything is made easier when you start and end you search on the Internet. Armed with your ijara mortgage and the knowledge about how things work you’ve gained with ijara financing, you’re more than ready to start looking for that home securitydream home online. Her’s a few pointers to help you through the process.

  • It pays to understand a bit about what you’re looking for before you start. There are several MLS services online that you can look through from the comfort of your own home, but you usually need to plug in a few criteria so the search engine the company is using knows what to look for. Having a good idea about the number of bedrooms and such will narrow down the search so you’ll only see the homes that interest you.
  • Remember that you need to know how to find the best places to look for homes online in the first place. Taking a few minutes to understand that search engines generally leave out articles, prepositions and conjunctions will make it easier for you to come up with the right search terms. In other words, “Homes in Boston” wont get you better results than “Boston Homes.”

You should be able to apply some of the knowledge you got from searching for your ijara mortgage.

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More ideas on saving cash while renovating

Sometimes you need to take a mental break after you’ve got an ijara loan and bought a home or business. Owning a piece of property is a lifetime endeavor and the right ijara financing product gets you started off on the right foot. However, there comes a time a few years down the road when you want to start making some renovations to increase the equity that you have and here’s a few more ideas on saving cash while you are renovating.

  • The local recycling center is a good place to look for building materials and other accessories like light fixtures at a reasonable price. Although you need to be aware that many mar 24 4contractors won’t work with recycled materials for liability reasons, if you plan on doing the work yourself this is a great way to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.
  • Keep in mind that you can donate what you think is trash to the local Habitat for Humanity. A lot of what you might otherwise cart away to the local dump is reusable.

Finally, if you take the time to understand how to do the job properly, doing some of your own demolition can save you quite a few dollars in contractor fees.

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Still more ideas on cheap renovations

Once you get started down the right path by using ijara financing, you’ll soon find you have an increased interest for saving money and doing the right thing when it comes to a variety of different home renovation projects. Getting that first ijara loan is quite often the starting point especially when you’re deciding to renovate.

It’s important that you keep a reasonable attitude while you’re deciding on the projects that you want to undertake. For example, although recessed lighting is one of the favorite renovations that people look for, you need to keep in mind there is an extra cost for this specialized kind of lighting. Drilling holes in your drywall or plaster and lining these particular lights up costs extra money from the contractor. It’s important to keep in mind these holes need to be insulated properly to keep drafts from coming in during the colder weather seasons.

Finally, remember that it’s a good idea to tap the resources of your contractor as well because they know where to find building materials on the cheap. In many cases they can find materials that would have been put into the trash from other job sites that fit your project perfectly.


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A few great ways to save on that expensive renovation

Once you start on the path to homeownership and make the decision to use ijara financing, you’ll see how saving money and using it in carefully planned out ways can make a big difference in helping you grow the equity in your home . Not only will an ijara loan get you into the place you want whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential property, you’ll find after a few short years the time comes to do some renovations and increase your equity. Because you’ll more than likely be on a tight budget, here’s a few tips that will help you save on what otherwise could be an expensive renovation kitchen renovation.

  1. One of the first things you can do is conserve space by adding shelves that pile up horizontally rather than vertically. It’s possible to even forgo the need for a pantry if you can find enough space going up.
  2. If you’ve got a room without any natural light, paying lots of money for new windows  with all the corresponding construction is a lot more expensive than putting in a light tube that will filter natural light down into the space.

Ijara financing is only the beginning of the decisions that you’ll need to make as a homeowner. Doing the proper research is important and you can click here to find all that you need to know about our Sharia compliance.

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Ijara loans work the same on either side of the border

Since we first introduced ijara loans to The United States, there’s been such a positive response that we decided to include our northern neighbours and offer them  ijara canada loans as well. The reasoning behind the move was simple in that we saw the opportunity to present Canadians with the same great features Americans have been enjoying for some time now. These include:

  • Flexibility. Whether you’re looking for ijara loans to get a residential or commercial property, we have the products that you’ll need. Getting involved in the North American real estate checklistmarket means having all the rights and privileges that everyone has and that includes buying and reselling to gain equity and put something away for your requirement.
  • Sharia Compliance. For those Muslims who want to be sure they can get involved with what we offer and still stay true to their religion, we have an assurance that all of our products meet Islamic standards. Taking a look on our website will show you our products have been properly vetted.

That all means there are great deals to be had with Ijara loans on either side of the border. Why not get in touch with us today so we can get you started on the path to home or commercial ownership?

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Some great tips for researching ijara loans

When you first start looking online you’ll see there are lots of different ijara loans products out there and many different companies that are trying to sell you the one they think fits your budget and needs. Even if you live in America’s neighbour to the North , you’ll find a bunch of different ijara Canada products to sort through. In fact, there are so many you’ll need a few benchmarks to help you narrow down the choices you have.

Look for ijara loans that:

  • Have clear and easy to understand explanations of their processes. The best companies will include a glossary on their websites so you’ll be able to look up any confusing terms and explanations of the concepts involved like Sharia Law. These websites should act like a library where you can get the information you need to make an informed decision.
  • Are flexible in that you can use the products offered to buy various things like commercial or residential properties.

Finally they need to have excellent contact information as well. Gone are the days where you can get by with just an email address. To buy modern ijara Canada products, you should look for and expect to see a customer support telephone number and even snail mail address included in the Contact Page.


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Ijara mortgage decisions that affect the size of your new home

You start on the path to a new home by looking at the financial end that incorporates  the ijara mortgage. Of course you’ll want to be careful about the ijara financing product you choose to stay clear from riba and Sharia compliant, but there are other decisions you need to make that are equally important.  These are the choices that you’ll arrive at that will help you to decide on the size of the house you pick.

Here’s a few considerations to work through.

  • What does the future look like? There might only be two of you now that you’ve just got married and are looking for a nest of you own, but you should consider the size of the family you want. Keeping in mind that moving before you’ve had enough time to build up some equity can put you behind financially, you might want to purchase  place with an extra room now for that new arrival that’s yet to be discussed.
  • How secure is your job? Although things are improving across the country, you need to be realistic about the security of your job before you spend on that dream home over the less complicated smaller abode.

Regardless of the size of the house you pick, you’ll be able to choose an ijara mortgage to help you along.

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Make sure your ijara mortgage has the right conditions

A Western style mortgage and an ijara mortgage differ in some fundamental ways but there are a few interesting parallels as well. For example, both ijara financing and the more traditional variety have certain regulations in place to ensure that both the sellers and the buyers are legally responsible and their needs are met through the legal documents they both need to sign. This save moneykind of attention to detail becomes especially important when you’re making an offer and at least some of the following conditions need to be included to protect the rights of the people involved.

  • For example you need to be sure the seller has the rights to the property.  A lawyers needs to be sure there are no liens on the property or other restrictions. In other words, it’s got to be clear there wont be any legal issues after you sign on the dotted line to buy the home.
  • You need to be careful that you have a clause about selling your current home before you buy anything. Without this all important condition, it’s possible to get involved in a legal battle.

Another clause about what goes and stays in the way of appliances, light fixtures and such is necessary so everyone is on the same page.

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