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Some facts about energy conservation you need to know

Islamic loans usa are a big step in the right direction for practicing Muslims who want to stay Sharia compliant. Getting ijara loans ensures you’re free from worry about riba and you can build on the good thinking you started by practicing some energy conservation tips so you’ll save money and use less of our natural resources.

• Energy Star appliances are much more efficient than their counterparts. The fact is these are 20-70% more efficient than they were just twenty years ago. Washers and dryers specifically are up to 50% more efficient and the number for refrigerators is 40 percent.
• Light colored roofs are better. It’s a fact dark colored shingles trap more heat and cost you more in cooling bills. If possible, choose lighter colored shingles when it comes time to change the roof and have mortgagemore money in your pocket in the long run.

Of course, another smart move is looking at islamic loans usa for your real estate needs. Our website has everything you need to know in one convenient location. Click here to see what you’ll need to get started.


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Update your curb appeal with these easy fixes

First impressions make all the difference when you’re trying to sell your house and updating your curb appeal is one of the best ways to complement the good thinking you showed by getting islamic loans usa. Symmetry is an important part of turning heads when people pass by and that can start with small things like making sure to place potted plants on each side of the entrance way in front of your house.

Gardening is another excellent idea and whether you decide on one color theme or a variety of different flowers that add to a mosaic in your front yard, getting rid of weeds is essential to keep any effort mortgage declooking tidy.

Adding lighting attached to the house adds style. Ground lights are an excellent way to outline a driveway or walkway and they add an inviting flair to your home. It’s important to give the house a good cleaning and make sure the siding and gutters don’t detract from the overall theme and curb appeal you’re trying to present to possible buyers and passersby.

Ijara loans are the best way to get involved in the real estate market for practicing Muslims. Learn more about your options here.

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Islamic home financing and home DIY projects

Choosing what kind of home renovation projects are easiest to do by yourself and which ones should be left to the professionals is a decision every homeowner needs to make after they get Islamic mortgage financing and have lived in their home for a number of years. Saving a few dollars and taking on a project you don’t fully understand can cause some unforeseen problems if you don’t do your research properly. Here’s a few examples.

• Changing out old lighting systems for newer ones can create problems if the wiring isn’t compatible and this becomes especially important if you live in an older home. It’s quite often the case you should home inspectorconsult an electrician before any work begins in the same way you went with the professionals when you needed Islamic mortgage financing.
• Primer makes paint adhere better. Painting is mostly preparation work and using primer on any surface before you put on that final coat makes the finished product much more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, there’s no need to cut corners with Islamic home financing when you can get all the information you need right from the website.

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Islamic home loans and renovation permits work together

After you’ve bought your house using Islamic mortgage loans and lived there for awhile, you might decide to renovate to increase the equity you have in place and your enjoyment of your home at the same time. Renovation permits are necessary since they tell your local municipality you agree to abide by all the building codes so any renovation you undertake is done in a safe and compliant manner.

As a practicing Muslim, you purchased Islamic home loans to make sure you stay Sharia compliant and away from riba. As a good citizen, it’s important to make sure you get one of these permits for several different kinds of projects around the house including:

• Finishing the basement. Because this job can entail taking on extra plumbing and electrical work, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything by code and in a safe manner that won’t endanger you or your family.
• Building a deck. This is another type of project that requires you keep in touch with the municipal authorities, especially if the deck you’re building is going to be attached to your home.

Other jobs like roofing and painting generally don’t require any kind of permit. Interested in learning more about islamic mortgage loans? Click here.


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Some Facts and Fiction About Selling Your Home

Moving from the present home you bought with ijara loans into a new one as quickly as possible for the most amount of money is the goal selling the house. However, there are pratfalls along the way if you don’t do your research and learn the difference between the fact and fiction of the entire process.


Although some people think just cleaning a house is the best way to sell it, a professional stager is the expert who understands how to make it the most appealing to prospective buyers. There is a proper ijara 1staging psychology involved with this technique and if you bypass it, you can delay the house sale by months.


It’s necessary to remodel the kitchen and bathroom to facilitate a quicker sale. Because these two rooms are subjective, most people will want to put their own finishing touches on either of these important areas so it’s not necessary to remodel to sell.

Finally, it’s also fiction you need a realtor to help you sell your house. The same innovation that allowed you to get islamic loans usa on the Internet will also connect you with the people who can help you sell your place for no commission.

Remember, ijara loans is the way to get into the real estate market and stay Sharia compliant at the same time. Read about the proper documentation here.

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Islamic loans usa and flooding

Try as you might to pick a warm safe house with Islamic loans USA, it’s impossible to control Mother Nature and sometimes the changes in the weather patterns we experience make flooding a reality for many homeowners. Being involved with ijara loans will keep you safe from riba but not necessarily a wet basement, so here’s a few things you can do to make sure you’ve covered the bases in preventing one of these issues from happening.

Walking around the outside of your house to take a good look at the grading is a great first step and a way to defend yourself against a damaged foundation and leaky basement. Grading is the slope of the mortgages #3earth and the way it sits against your foundation. The idea is to make sure that any runoff from the gutters or downspouts has a slope that will carry it away from the side of the structure.

Another good idea is to get up on your roof in a safe manner and check to make sure you’re not missing any shingles or the ones you have haven’t aged to the point where they’re curling up at the sides.




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Moving boxes and islamic home loans work together

One of the cornerstones in helping you get involved in the North American real estate market actually has nothing to do with financing and Islamic home loans. However, if you didn’t have the right size moving boxes the whole process would be a lot more difficult. In the same way that Islamic mortgage loans suit individual needs, there is a moving box that has a specific value to what you’re trying to take with you from one place to another.

Dish packs

As the name suggests, these are perfect and specifically designed for packing dishes but the trick here is not to put too many in one box because the extra weight could cause you to drop it and shatter everything that’s been carefully stored inside.

Mirror boxes

These can be telescoped which means two can be fitted together for mirrors or pictures that have odd lengths or shapes but it’s important to tape over the joint where the two boxes meet so they don’t separate in transit.Although these types of moving boxes don’t have anything to do with the financial end of Islamic home loans, they are essential to making sure the move goes well.





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Islamic mortgage financing and property values

Islamic home financing is the money that will give you the keys to the front door but there are many other financial issues you’ll need to take a look at as a responsible homeowner and property values is at the center of these ideas.

Although these property values are set by a number of factors that you can’t change like the location of your house and the amenities around it, the place you bought with Islamic home financing can be upgraded and the land around it maintained to affect these numbers.

It’s always a good idea to keep the fact you might sell your house somewhere down the road in the back of your mind as you carry on with your day to day business . That way you’ll be more inclined to fix online home for salethat leaking gutter or pull all of the weeds in the front lawn on a constant basis. For many homeowners this routine maintenance is about pride in the house they bought but these little chores also help to keep up the overall property values.

Renovations are another great way to maintain the equity which is closely tied to your property values. Islamic mortgage financing is only the beginning in your home ownership journey.







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How your ijara loans and credit scores are intertwined

Not everyone who is using Islamic loans USA to buy a house in the North American real estate market understands how important the credit score is and how ijara loans and these numbers are intertwined. Making sure your credit score is in good shape is an essential part of getting the financing that will start the whole process. Here’s a few things you can do if your credit score has been damaged and you’re looking to repair it.

Start again.

Many financial experts will tell you that if you have bad numbers when it comes to one of these scores, rebuilding is the best option and you can start by getting a credit card again with a low limit so you can home ownershipmanage your transactions. The idea is to show lenders that you’ve turned the corner and are willing to be responsible and use your credit wisely. Many people who have decided to start again and build a new credit score make sure that the limit on these new credit cards is tied to the amount of money they have in the bank so they don’t overspend.

Even though ijara loans have been designed to keep you stay Sharia compliant and away from riba, you still need to work within some traditional parameters.

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A moving checklist you can’t do without

People often move from one place to another with a series of mixed feelings. On one hand, they’re excited that their exposure to Islamic home loans has afforded them the ability in the North American real estate market to move up. However, sometimes in the days and hours leading up to the big day , people let their emotions get the best of them and there’s a hitch with a move that could otherwise be avoided by following these simple tips.

Two weeks before

This is the time to arrange the phone service to your new house and start getting documentation like your driver’s license ready to show the different change of address. This is also a good time to start buying mortgage decyour moving boxes and other accessories you’ll need like markers and packing tape.

Seven Days Before

Using the same forward planning you did when you purchased islamic mortgage loans is important. Go through the articles that have already been packed up and determine which ones can more easily be moved by car rather than stored away in the moving van where you can’t get to them for a few days. Pack another box with the essentials you’ll need like toothpaste and some towels and keep that separate too.


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