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Islamic finance and how to pick the right home

Islamic finance  will get you the keys to that new home, but there’s more to making the right decision that just getting an ijara loan  although that’s the best way to stay Sharia compliant. Take a look at a few items on the following checklist to be sure that you’re making the right moves.

  • The renovation potential is one of the first things that you need to look at. Here it’s important not to take on too much or something that you can’t realistically do by yourself. Getting an ijara loan was a relatively simple process: renovations need a careful eye and some patience. Experts suggest that you move from room to room and make a list of what you think you can do and what needs to be turned over to professional contractors.
  • Think carefully before you move into a kitchen renovation. There’s no doubt that you can get the money for this through Islamic finance, but you need to carefully consider the inconvenience that’s involved.  If you can get away with just countertops, that might be the better way to go unless you have a second kitchen to use during the work.

You’ll also need to look beyond the obvious and dig deeper just as you did with islamic finance to see the renovation investment from several angles. Check out our qualification page to learn more about islamic finance.

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Your ijara loan and equity

When you ask around you’ll find there are many different reasons to get an ijara loan. Of course when you’re a Muslim, it’s important that you get an ijara mortgage so that you can stay Sharia compliant. However, there’s lots more to the beneficial aspects of getting one of these products and one of the advantages you’ll notice after several years in your house is a build up of equity. Following are a few reasons this aspect is just as important as the religious overtones of an ijara loan.

  • When you own a place, the equity that you build up comes from the payments that you make toward the mortgage. There’s no such dividend when you rent and you’ll soon notice as house prices go up and the amount that you owe on your ijara mortgage drops, you’ll be in a position to redistribute your wealth into other areas or future real estate deals.
  • Equity also allows you to reinvest in your current place and drive the market value up. Renovations that you pay for with an ijara loan actually increase the asking price that you can get for your home on the market.

An ijara loan has a dual purpose in that you can make more money with the equity you build up while at the same time staying Sharia compliant.

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Your ijara mortgage and finding the right location.

As you probably already have guessed by now if you’ve been reading these blogs, getting an ijara financing product lined up is only the beginning of what you’ll need to do to find and settle into your new house. Of course getting an ijara loan is the right move for practicing Muslims because it allows you to stay Sharia compliant, but picking the right location to narrow down your search is a challenge and can be daunting if you don’t have the right information to begin with.

It’s important for you and your family to sit down and decide what the future holds. For example, if you’re a newlywed getting your very first ijara mortgage adviceloan, you might want to be looking at a house with an extra bedroom in case you plan on having children right away. On the other hand, if you’re an older family and your children have moved away you might want to consider using ijara financing to downsize into a senior’s location.

The point here is simple in that whether you’re younger or older and whether it’s your first ijara loan or one of the series that you’ve had, you need to take a few minutes to make sure you’re making the right move by evaluating your family’s needs at the present time.






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Your ijara loan and the kitchen


Even before you finalize the paperwork on your ijara loan, you’ll start to make plans for some of the more interesting renovations in your new home including the kitchen. Ijara financing will keep you Sharia compliant and away from riba, and these few tips will help to make the hub of activity in your new house look great.

If you’re trying for a comfortable look some design experts suggest that you use an aqua blue on the cabinetry in your kitchen to give it a warm and inviting feel. This color will offset any sharper tones you might have had. It looks especially great with granite countertops and a matching blue floor whether its linoleum or some other more expensive material.

If you’re looking to be a little adventuresome after taking the tried and tested route and getting an ijara loan, painting those kitchen cabinets bright yellow will give a festive atmosphere to the one place where your family and friends will continually gather. Taking some time with the kitchen colors for your cabinets is just as important as the time you took with your ijara loan. Both of these aspects of your new dwelling take time and you should mull over each one and get the information you need to make wise and considered choices.

Getting ready to buy a house? Here’s a few ijara loan ideas to think about.



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An ijara mortgage primer

There are still lots of people who don’t know the differences between a regular mortgage and the more specialized ijara mortgage loans. While there a are more than a few similarities between these loans, the ijara financing version has some marked differences that you need to know about. For ijara 1example:

  • ijara loans are especially careful to be Sharia compliant so that the folks who decide on these loans are sure to be able to take advantage of the real estate opportunities in North America while at the same time staying away from riba. These ijara mortgage products have been specially designed to look after the people who want to own property and at the same time stay close to their religious beliefs.
  • There a trust involved with the ijara mortgage aspect and that’s different from the model for a more traditional loan.  One again this model has been designed to keep you away from interest payments that could compromise your religious beliefs.

Of course there are some things that are common to both models including the fact that you’ll need to have good credit to get either the ijara mortgage or the more traditional mortgage.



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What to look for in an ijara loan website

In today’s world, shopping for the right kind of ijara loan starts when you turn your computer on from the comfort of your own home. Getting ijara loans  is about knowing how to shop on the Internet at the same time and here’s a few tips that will help.

  • Look for a place that has good credibility. Searching out the ijara loans company name to see if there are references on the Internet is a good starting point. That way, you’ll be able to get a good idea of what other customers think of the services that are offered.
  • Look for thorough contact information. When it comes to the ijara loan website that can best handle your needs, contact information needs to include both an email address and a customer support telephone number.  Anything less should be a red flag and a clear indication that you need to look elsewhere for your ijara loans.

Finally, look for detailed explanations about the terms that go with these ijara loan products. Of course there will be questions but a good glossary and FAQ part of the website should go a long way to helping you make a final decision.


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Here’s how your ijara loans works with a new home warranty.

It doesn’t take that long to understand that ijara loans are really just the jumping off point when it comes to the full spectrum of islamic finance. Getting the keys to that new home or business only means there are other avenues you need to explore to get the most from the entire homeownership experience and that of course includes the new home warranty.  Here’s a few things that you’ll need to know about this important document.

  • Although these are generally more complicated than ijara loans, new home warranties tend to cover some of the issues that need to be fixed like settling cracks in drywall that are prevalent for the first few years. They also generally cover some of the other misfortunes that you don’t see in ijara loans like defects in workmanship and materials.
  • There are some other important areas like water penetration that a new home warranty looks after as well as down payment protection should something happen and violations of building and safety codes.

You need to keep the documentation for these new home warranties like you tucked the paperwork for ijara loans away in a safe place.







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Ijara loans and your credit report

There are some aspects of getting ijara loans that match up with the more traditional loans that are available in countries like the United States and Canada. For example, an ijara mortgage lender will require that you have a decent credit report. There are several aspects to these that you’ll need to be familiar with including:

  • The fact that you can get a copy of this report to review it for factual errors. Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, there’s a corresponding agency that can mail you a copy of the report so you can look it over. It’s also important to make sure the levels of past and negotiationscurrent debt are correct.
  • What the report should not include. Like ijara loans, these credit reports are regulated and there’s some information, like a bankruptcy discharged more than 7 years ago provided there’s not a new one on file, that should not be included.
  • Again, like ijara loans, these credit reports need to be transparent. They should be clear about who gets to see the information and how the information can be used.

There’s a lot to learn about your credit report but regardless of whether you’re looking for ijara loans or another type, you’ll need to be familiar with the ways this document is important.

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Decorative paint finishes to compliment your other ijara mortgage choices

New unique wall finishes are often easier and better to master than you might think. You’ll be looking for new ways to compliment the other ijara mortgage choices you’ve made and learning how to paint like a pro gives you more decorating flexibility.

Maybe one of the easiest techniques to master is called sponging. Here the desired result is an uneven pattern and all you need to do is load the sponge with glaze and dab to get various shades of one color over the base for some depth. With a little practice and using the same due diligence you did when you narrowed down your choices for ijara loans, you’ll be using this easy to use technique for walls, ceilings and even furniture in no hunting

Flat surfaced furniture and walls are great places that work wonders when using ragging. A folded cloth or lint free cotton square are the preferred materials and the dotted fields of color left are best when you’ve taken the time to practice beforehand to get your technique down. There are other techniques that add an artistic touch and decorative finishes like stippling and splattering to compliment other things you’ve done with your ijara mortgage choices.

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Ijara loans and getting those surfaces in your kitchen just right

You’ll want everything just right in the kitchen of the home that you’ve bought with an ijara mortgage. These ijara loans got you the keys to the house but now is the time where you’ll want to start adding personal touches to the walls , floor and ceilings in that most recognizable of all the rooms—the kitchen.

These are the surfaces that are most recognizable after the cabinets and you’ll want to take some time selecting the right material and finishes that will help to achieve a harmonious design. Starting with the walls is as smart a choice as the one you made going with ijara loans. You can cover up the imperfections in a existing wall by choosing paneling. It’s your choice whether you go with the products that are both expensive and elegant or the home inspectormiddle ground wood look-a-likes that still add an elelment of warmth and character to any kitchen.

Stacked stone walls are all about a warm hearth type atmosphere and pine logs can actually give you thelook and feel of a country cabin. Remember to use a mosaic style backsplash to add to the effect they you’re looking for.

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