Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 24, 2012

You need to insulate yourself from riba and do the same to your home.

The reason that you need an Islamic loan is to make sure that you stay complaint with Sharia law. It makes good sense to steer away from riba and this kind of common sense and good thinking also applies to insulating you home.

Although you might not imagine it to be the case, there are warning signs for both the summer and winter when it comes to being aware you’ve got an insulation problem.

In the winter the signs are what you might expect with one of the more obvious ones being walls that are cold to the touch. There are other red flags as well like high heating bills and with the costs of home fuels on the rise, it’s important to be aware when you’re money is being spent unnecessarily.

In the summer you need to look for a different set of factors to tell you your insulation isn’t doing the right job. If the air inside is always uncomfortably hot, that’s one indication and mold growing in your basement is another warning sign you shouldn’t ignore.

There are several solutions. An air barrier is one. This prevents the transference of exterior or interior air and a vapour retarder like a polyethylene sheeting is also a good idea. Remember to take the same care with insulation as you did with an Islamic loan.


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