Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 17, 2012

Islamic loans and tools for plumbing

You need to understand what the requirements are as far as Sharia law goes when it comes to Islamic loans so you can steer clear of Riba. Understanding and practicing those ideas will get in you in a home of your choice and keep you in accordance with this critical aspect of being a Muslim. The day will come too when something like a faucet or toilet starts to leak and you’ll need some plumbing tools.

There are a few that every homeowner should have regardless of their level of expertise with pipes and drains and such. Plungers are the most common tool that are used to clear drains, sinks and toilets. The toilet version has a small end cup to fit that appliance and the sink plunger is smaller for tubs and showers.

For more extreme circumstances, the toilet auger is the right tool since it has an extended reach and the drain and trap auger can extend 10 in to 20 in into a drain to get rid of blockages.  Islamic mortgages are a tool to get you the money you need to get into a home of your own. Once inside you’ll need plumbing tools to keep things running smoothly.

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