Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 18, 2012

Islamic finance and improving home security

When you’ve decided on the right Islamic finance options to purchase your home, you need to remember that being security conscious is part of our modern day life and to that end, every homeowner needs to take an objective look at their property and implement security measures to make it more secure. Islamic mortgages are one way of securing money. He’s a few suggestions on keeping you home safe.

One way you can help to reduce the chances your property could be vandalized is to pay attention to vulnerable points of entry like sliding patio doors usually located at the back of the house. The sashes or framework of these doors made from wood, aluminum or vinyl are embedded in a wood or metal frame and consist of a stationary outer panel and a sliding inner section with a simple latch or lock attached. Adding a security device like a safety bar or jimmy plates is an affordable way to prevent an intruder from lifting or jimmying the sash, breaking the lock, or forcing the door by some other means to gain entry to your residence.

Purchasing a home within the boundaries of Islamic finance and Sharia law will provide you with peace of mind, and you can ensure this sense of security continues by protecting your family and premises from the threat of property crime like unlawful entry or burglary.



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