Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 17, 2012

Moving to your new home is easier with the right Islamic Mortgages

Choosing Sharia compliant Islamic loans which include Islamic mortgages has helped you find the right family home. After months of planning and packing, you finally receive the deed and keys to your new property so you can move in.

First things first. Before you start to paint, add carpet and generally redecorate the home to suit your personal taste, make sure to change the door locks. Your local hardware store carries many good quality locks you can install yourself or you can rely on an experienced locksmith to get the job done quickly and affordably. Don’t cut corners on price when choosing locks for your new home. This is an essential security measure to protect you and your family. Remember to contact utility companies well in advance of the moving date to advise your change in address and authorize any services that need to be connected.

Just as the excitement of moving day would be diminished if you found your new house full of dirt, garbage and abandoned items, make sure to clean your old premises and leave it in good condition for its new occupants. Hopefully, this cleaning process becomes a routine passed along from one responsible homeowner to another.

You want moving day to be as effortless as possible and finding the right Islamic mortgages will help make home ownership a smoother process.

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