Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 27, 2012

Islamic loans can initiate easy remodeling plans

Applying for proper Islamic finance that includes Islamic loans, combined with using some or all of your 2012 tax refund, can help bring your home remodeling ideas to fruition. In fact, the IRS reports the average income tax refund exceeds $2,100.00 so now is a good time to decide whether to start work on changing the bathroom floor or refinishing the outside deck.

If a total bathroom renovation surpasses your budget, you should consider replacing the existing flooring with ceramic tile. With lots of colors and designs to choose from, this do-it-yourself renovation project will improve the look of any bathroom. Improving the exterior of your home is a good idea too. Waterproofing and refreshing an existing deck with a new stain, and modernizing your patio furniture and outside grill will enhance the appeal of this outdoor space and is an added incentive to bring family and friends together to relax and enjoy the good weather.

Investing your income tax refund in upgrades around the house will not only boost your pride of ownership but will increase the equity in your home as well. Talk to your lender about Sharia compliant Islamic loan solutions free from Riba that can work for you.



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