Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | July 11, 2012

Islamic loans that avoid Riba provide an extra measure of security

Just as you rely on proper Islamic loans that avoid Riba for peace of mind, obtaining a professional home inspection is money well spent whether you are a first time home buyer or someone investing in a second or third home.

An experienced home inspector identifies minor and major problems in a home and outlines in a detailed report which items need immediate repair, those that present a safety issue and other items that should be replaced sooner than later. It is helpful that a purchaser and his agent must be present during the home inspection to go through the premises with the inspector and ask any relevant questions.

In addition to the electrical and plumbing systems within the home, a qualified inspector will examine exterior items such as the foundation, grading and outside walls, as well as the garage structure, roof and even the gutters. Keep in mind, a home inspector can only check for visual problems and won’t be able to take down walls or rip up flooring to see what lies underneath.

One of the most important aspects of a home inspection is that it can be inserted as a condition in the offer to purchase. If the inspection report reveals a major defect that the seller is unwilling to remedy, this condition allows the purchaser time to back away from the offer without risk of penalty. A home inspection protects the interests of the purchaser. Talk to your lender about the security different Islamic finance options can provide.

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