Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | July 12, 2012

Practical solutions to home ownership include Islamic mortgages

Practicing Muslims are concerned with living in accordance with all aspects of Sharia law and that includes obtaining the right Islamic mortgages to make home ownership affordable.

During this period of rising summer temperatures, the relief air conditioning and central air systems provide seem almost a necessity, although many homeowners worry about the increased spike in their utility bills. While large upgrades such as installing newer windows and a high efficiency furnace are great ways to reduce home energy consumption and save money, there are simple, inexpensive ways to reduce your energy bills this summer.

Keep your central air thermostat at a consistent temperature and use the energy saver option on the air conditioner. By keeping the house at a consistently cool temperature, you can avoid turning these units on and off which add to your energy costs. Changing your furnace filter regularly will help keep your system running at peak performance and save you money.

Even something as simple as turning lights off during the day will conserve energy and keeping blinds drawn and drapes closed in the summer helps to reduce costs by keeping cooler air in. When you are a homeowner, finding practical ways to save money is as essential as finding a lender who can answer all your questions relating to Islamic finance.

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