Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | August 8, 2012

Understanding Islamic loans can include a basic knowledge of innovations like an HRV

Practicing Muslims look to the benefits Islamic loans free of Riba can provide when it comes to financing their plans to purchase a new home and want to be aware of all the advantages these newly built homes have to offer.

While top quality windows and improved insulation used to construct newer homes means greater savings when it comes to heating costs, less incidental air leakage also means a home is less well ventilated. Heat recovery ventilators or HRVs are one of the newest ways to exchange and recover the air that is being exhausted outside by warming the air coming inside, saving a homeowner money on heating and energy costs. These energy efficient systems are growing in popularity by providing the proper ventilation necessary to improve the indoor air quality for you and your family.

For an HRV that uses the same duct work as the existing furnace, the furnace needs to be running or cycling to promote proper ventilation throughout the home. Alternatively, an HRV that operates by using a fan motor to ventilate fresh air through its own duct system is generally considered to be a more efficient process. Since it is not necessary to run the furnace with the latter unit, you’ll see an increase in energy bill savings.

Learning about the latest innovations in new homes can help a homeowner become more energy efficient and save money. The right Islamic finance can help get your started.

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