Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | August 21, 2012

Islamic loans and fixing frozen pipes: Two things you need to know about

When you’re looking for Islamic loans or Islamic mortgages, you need to be sure the company that you want to use has the right information. Start the process by looking at the website of the firm you think will represent you the best way and look for any customer testimonials from past satisfied clients.

After that you should spend some time looking at the glossary they have provided to be sure they understand all the terms and what each means. There’s not much point in looking at a company that doesn’t understand Riba. When you’ve got the right financing in place that will keep you on the right side of Sharia law, there’s still many other things you’ll need to know about being a good homeowner.

For example, you need to know what to do when one of the pipes in your home is leaking. Fast temporary repairs are necessary while you wait for the plumbing professionals to come and fix the issue permanently, and you can fasten a bicycle inner tube to the damaged part of the pipe and hold it in place with hose clamps until help arrives.

There’s lots to learn about buying a home and entering the market. Islamic mortgages take care of the financial end while knowing how to stop leaks will protect your equity.

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