Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | September 6, 2012

Islamic loans can help make financing and moving easier

When you find the right family home that suits your needs and budget, including the proper Islamic loans free from Riba to tie the whole process together, you’ll also have to think about packing your possessions and hiring a mover to help make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible.

It’s wise to begin your search for a reliable moving company by asking friends and relatives for their recommendations and customer testimonials on a company’s website is another good place to start. Narrowing your search to more than one company allows you to compare estimates among different firms including fees for moving supplies, drive time and mileage costs, and whether they offer a flat rate or charge by the hour. A company representative willing to attend at your home to provide a professional estimate based on the amount of items to be moved and to confirm the moving date and travel particulars should always be part of the service, together with providing references upon request.

While there may be some favorite items you prefer to pack and transport personally, you should contact your insurance broker to determine whether your homeowner’s policy insures other items in transit or transported in another vehicle such as a moving truck. It’s a good idea to assess the total value of your household goods and purchase adequate moving insurance from the company you select to cover all of your contents.

Moving is a big undertaking that can be made easier by understanding the Islamic finance options available.

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