Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | September 23, 2012

Several questions to point you to the right Islamic finance provider

Islamic finance can be a tricky subject for the uninitiated. Of course, one of the more common things you’ll want to accomplish here is staying away from Riba and thereby compliant with Sharia law, but there are some other questions you should be asking any company that wants to handle these loans for you.

  1. Ask what kind of clients they generally work with? Keep in mind, there are companies that feel more comfortable dealing with industry and others that would rather take on families looking for a home.
  2. Find out about their experience. Take a few moments to read through the website of the firm you’re thinking about using. Do they have a detailed glossary as well as a section that explains their knowledge surrounding Islamic mortgages?
  3. Look for references. Many places will have customer testimonials on their website, but there’s nothing to stop you from asking for some contact information so you can talk to these people in person.

Finding the company that you’ll feel comfortable with when it comes to Islamic finance is the first step in finding the home you’ll enjoy. As a practicing Muslim, it’s important that you find a company that respects your beliefs so you can start any real estate adventure off on the right foot.

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