Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | September 27, 2012

Help is available when you need the right Islamic finance to purchase your home

Working with a licensed real estate agent can help you find the right family home, while working with an experienced mortgage broker can help you find the best financing available, including Islamic mortgages to make your dream of owning a home a reality.

These licensed mortgage specialists have access to various mortgage rates by working with multiple lenders. By nature of the fact that mortgage brokers operate independently, they do not have to promote one bank over another or the products of one financial lender over those of a competitor. By acquiring a large number of different mortgage products from credible financial institutions, they can shop around and negotiate the lowest rate for you. Acting as an intermediary, their commission is paid by the lending provider you choose.

Over and above the benefit of providing access to the lowest mortgage rates, these specialists have a broad knowledge of the entire market and where you fit in. Based on your individual circumstances, an experienced mortgage broker will be able to assess whether to direct you to a conventional lending institution, or a lender that specializes in dealing with people with less favourable credit ratings.

Talk to a mortgage broker to help you make an informed choice about the different Islamic finance options available to purchase your home.

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