Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | October 12, 2012

Finding the right Islamic mortgages takes care and effort

Practicing Muslims rest easier knowing they have Islamic mortgages on their side. That’s why homeowners should know that caring for your lawn at this time of year is just as important as during the warmer seasons and, with a little effort, you can give your lawn the extra care it needs.

Generally, grass stops growing sometime in October or November but until then, continue cutting and watering grass particularly if there isn’t adequate rainfall to prevent your lawn from drying out. Seeding your lawn in the early fall will help to establish new grass that will return more vigorously next spring. Similarly, applying a winter prep lawn fertilizer will store nutrients in the roots when the ground freezes, helping to foster a healthier lawn next year. When left unattended, fall leaves can become a soggy mess but more importantly, they prevent essential fall sunlight from reaching your lawn. Excess leaves should always be removed by manual raking or with a leaf blower or vacuum.

Just as it takes time and effort to find the proper Islamic loans free of Riba to help nourish your spiritual values, taking care of your yard in the fall will help cultivate a better lawn in a few months time.

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