Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | October 31, 2012

Islamic finance can assist in emergency situations

While every homeowner should prepare for unexpected household expenses, obtaining proper Islamic finance can give you the peace of mind you need to deal with emergency situations that seem to occur with little or no warning. After the strong winds and heavy rains of post-tropical storm Sandy subside, homeowners in the affected areas will be anxious to begin clearing the mess around their homes including assessing any damage to the trees on their property.

Experts say you need to look beyond the ground when inspecting your property for damage and remember to look up to avoid any danger from power lines or weakened or damaged tree branches that can still break and fall in the wind. Downed trees that block your driveway, or worse, fall onto your house or garage need to be removed immediately and the same applies to any branches broken in the storm that remain attached to a tree. In addition, trees that show signs of shifting could indicate upheaving root systems or cracks in the branches or trunk of the tree.

While some people are comfortable using a chainsaw to clear away some fallen branches and trees, most homeowners should restrict themselves to picking up sticks and branches and leave the work of removing dangerous tree branches and large dead trees to a professional tree service company. Finding the right company to assess the damage to your property and provide the services you need after an emergency will help protect your investment, while finding proper Islamic loans free of Riba will help to protect your spiritual values.

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