Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 8, 2012

When Islamic loans are out of the way, you can consider basement renovations

Islamic loans are a priority for those that want to get the money for a home while at the same time stay Sharia compliant in their business dealings. These Islamic mortgages are different than some of the more conventional mortgages North Americans are used to, but the same in many fundamental ways. One of the things that stays the same regardless of the way you get your money is the need for renovations.

Basement renovations need to be carefully considered. There are several things that you need to take into account and first and foremost is the amount of headroom that’s available. Ask yourself if there’s enough headroom below the floor framing and any ductwork so the basement will be comfortable after the renovation is complete.

You need to be sure that factors outside the home won’t affect your enjoyment of the basement. The soil needs to be considered and you should check to see if there are high levels of methane or radon in the area. Make sure there are no high humidity levels or bad smells in the basement of your home as these could mean there are moisture issues that need to be resolved before work can commence.

Getting Islamic loans is just the first step in a lifelong journey called home ownership.

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