Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 29, 2012

Islamic finance guidebook published online

Practicing Muslims in North America are concerned with living in accordance with Islamic law and that means following the teachings of scholars who understand the importance of offering financing products like Islamic mortgages that are Sharia compliant and fit easily within traditional banking practices.

Ethica, the Dubai-based certification institute for the Islamic finance industry has published its first online guidebook. The Ethica institute offers an online Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program to students and professionals in banking and other organizations in 47 countries. This program officially recognized by scholars to comply with AAOIFI, the organization that maintains standards for Islamic financial institutions, is the only recognized certificate of its kind on a global scale.

Contents of the e-book available as a free download include such features as articles on the basics of Islamic finance; sample Islamic finance contracts; a Q&A section with answers to commercial dealings approved by leading Islamic scholars; a Glossary of terms; study notes; and other practical resources that move beyond academic theory to emphasize the entrepreneurial aspect of Islamic finance.

The information contained in “Ethica’s Handbook of Islamic Finance (2013 Edition)” is expected to make this publication an important reference book for professionals in all corners of the globe dealing in Islamic finance.

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