Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | December 31, 2012

Islamic mortgages and home security features

islam-11 Understanding the basic fundamentals of home finance is useful when you are looking for Islamic mortgages to purchase a home, but it also helps to keep safety in mind when choosing the best home for your family.

For example, a home with an attached two-car garage is a desired feature for most people not only for the additional parking and storage space, but because of the convenience and security direct access to your house from inside the garage provides, especially at odd hours and during severe weather.

Look for exterior doors, including the one between your house and the garage, made of solid-core wood or reinforced steel with strong deadbolts. If an exterior door contains inserted glass, make sure the door knob is positioned far enough away from the glass window to discourage an intruder from attempting to break-in. Check the windows of the home as well since older, single-pane windows are easier to break than dual-pane models. Remember, a fenced yard makes it harder for people to gain access and consider adding motion-sensor lights, if not already in place, to offer extra security around the property after dark.

Making sure your family is safe in your home is a number one priority. Relying on proper Islamic loans that avoid Riba will help protect your investment at the same time.

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