Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 1, 2013

Islamic Finance Enters The New Year With A Strong Foundation

islam-8 Islamic finance grew significantly in 2012 and its influence is reaching all corners of the globe. An article from the San Franciso Chronicle reports that Ethica, the Dubai-based certification institute for the Islamic finance industry, is now accepting registrations for a three-day discounted price on the first Islamic accounting certificate offered online. Discounted pricing for the Advanced Certified Islamic Finance Executive program by way of the webinar entitled “ACIFE in Islamic Accounting” will be offered to global participants during the last three days in January 2013.

High enrollment numbers are expected following the success of the Certified Islamic Finance Executive, or CIFE program, officially recognized by scholars to comply with AAOIFI, the organization that maintains standards for Islamic financial institutions. The CIFE course is a prerequisite for the newest ACIFE certificate offered by the Ethica institute which serves as the most prominent Islamic finance certifier to students and professionals in banking and other organizations in 47 countries worldwide.

This type of certification is necessary for professionals to build a strong foundation in Islamic finance. Practicing Muslims should consult with their lender for professional advice when it comes to Sharia compliant finance alternatives related to a home or business purchase, or a refinance transaction that can include Islamic mortgages.

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