Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 27, 2013

Islamic finance and exterior painting: You need to know about them both

islam41 Once you’ve got your Islamic finance details all straightened out to purchase your property, you’ll soon learn that money matters are only one of the things you need to know about. If you’ve bought an older house, you might run into the problem of exterior paint damage that can result from any number of causes. Here’s just a couple you should know about to help you get the most from the property you’ve bought with your Islamic mortgages.

Blistering: This occurs when water is trapped under the paint and the first thing you need to do is cut the blister open. Bare wood under the blister means moisture has escaped damp wood causing a water blister. Paint found underneath is called a solvent blister usually caused by painting on wet wood under direct sunlight.

Alligatoring: This is a checkered pattern of chipped paint resembling the look of alligator skin that results when the top coat is applied before the bottom coat has sufficiently dried.

Either of these problems can be solved by taking a little extra time and learning the painting process thoroughly. The same can be said of getting the right kind of Islamic finance. Using due diligence in both situations will make sure the paint on your new home stays looking good for years to come, and the Islamic mortgages that help to pay for your new living quarters are Sharia compliant and free from Riba.

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