Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 3, 2013

Some guidelines to follow when shopping online for Islamic mortgages

islam-8 The choices can be overwhelming when you begin to search online for companies that offer financing options, but finding a reputable company that offers proper Islamic mortgages could be easier than you think.

Start by narrowing your search to websites that feature a section devoted to the different types of products they offer as well as a glossary of Islamic finance terms. A company that takes the time to explain these important terms to customers in a way that is easily understood will be serious about keeping their products sharia compliant and ensuring their transactions are conducted in accordance with Islamic law. A website that explains the application process in detail including the different documents you will be required to produce can help you get organized and feel more self-assured when you decide to apply for one of these Islamic loans.

Don’t forget to look for good contact information which should include a telephone number, office location as well as an e-mail address and remember to review the customer testimonials on the website. When you read positive comments about their services from past satisfied customers, you’ve found an Islamic finance company that puts a high priority on customer service and one you can feel confident contacting in case you have a question or a concern.

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