Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 9, 2013

Islamic mortgages and working with a real estate agent

islam21 Choosing proper Islamic mortgages free from Riba is an important part of the process whether you are buying your first home or your next home and so is the decision to use a real estate agent to help you through the procedure.

First and foremost, real estate agents can help focus your search for the right home based on your price range and style preferences and can arrange access for you to view potential properties. Being able to run an analysis to make sure the property is listed for a price that reflects the market value is one of the most important tools of their trade. With that knowledge in hand, an agent can help you negotiate a fair price to offer the seller, a great advantage when there is more than one party interested in purchasing the home.

Ask family members and friends to recommend a reputable agent with a proven track record of success in dealing with different types of transactions and client satisfaction. There is usually a lot going on when you are trying to bring all the elements together to buy a home, from dealing with the seller or the seller’s agent, to issues with the property that may need to be looked after before closing, to forwarding paperwork to your lawyer. A good agent knows how to handle all these matters on your behalf without exposing you to any added stress.

A professional real estate agent has the experience to help make your home buying process as smooth as possible and so does a qualified Islamic finance lender.

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