Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 2, 2013

Ask for advice when looking for the right Islamic mortgages

islam21 Many people rely on professionals for help in finding the right home to purchase as well as the choosing the best financing like Islamic mortgages to make sure the home is affordable.

Results from the Annual RBC Home Ownership Poll reveal a majority (84%) of consumers are certain buying a house or condominium is a good financial investment. Just over half (52%) of survey respondents believe there is no time like the present to get involved in the current housing market, while forty percent of those are first-time homebuyers planning to enter the market within the next two years.

Findings from the online survey indicate a level of confidence in the housing market as younger Canadians are interested in purchasing their first home and want sound financial advice on the process. Some of the main sources for mortgage advice can include a banker, family members and friends, a real estate agent and associated real estate websites and social media sites. Consulting with a qualified mortgage broker who can compare the best rates and terms among financial institutions is another good way to find a new mortgage or refinance. These professionals are familiar with the way different lenders work so they can also help you sort through the application process.

When it comes to buying your first home or next home, get as much advice as you need. Start by talking to your lender about the various Islamic finance options available.

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