Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 18, 2013

Islamic mortages, moisture and mold

islam41 There’s lots to consider after you’ve got the right Islamic finance product and are starting out on the path of paying down one of the Islamic mortgages that are available today. There are quite a few health concerns that you’ll need to stay on top of in your new home and although some of these are the same as the ones you encountered in rentals, any new issues with moisture and mold are now your responsibility and not that of the landlord.

One of the areas where these problems are most common is in the basement. There are a few signs that you can look for here including obvious stains on the walls and condensation on any windows you’ve got down there. There might be rain leaking in through the wall or even a high water table, but the solutions are often quite simple and taking care of the issues right away is critical.

Fixing the cracks you might see on the basement walls can be the easiest solution to your water and moisture problems. Keep in mind you need to be proactive here and show the same diligence you did when you selected your Islamic mortgages. Here that means possibly changing the grade outside the home so that any run off flows away from the foundation.

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