Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 21, 2013

Islamic finance is just one step in picking the right home

islam-11 Islamic finance is the best way to get involved with Sharia compliant Islamic loans, but you need some pointers on picking the right home as well. It’s best to ask yourself a few questions before you start looking so you can narrow your search for a home that will suit your needs over the next five to ten years.

Start by determining the ideal number of bedrooms you ‘ll need. Here you shoud consider not just your immediate situation, but plans for the future as well.  Newlyweds who are planning for children might want to add an extra bedroom to the shopping list for their first home if they don’t plan on moving for a few years. This type of thinking should come into play when you’re thinking about the number of bathrooms as well.

While you’re still at the planning stage, you might want to think about accessories too like air conditioning and a swimming pool. Having long-term goals should affect the type of home you’re looking for. For example, if you plan on staying in the same location for most of your adult life, thinking ahead to where the laundry facilities will go when you want to have most of your living space on one floor is a good idea.

Remember to put the right Islamic loans on that priority list for a satisfying home ownership experience.

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