Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 5, 2013

Islamic loans can help with environmentally friendly home renovations

islam21 Islamic loans can be used for more than just a way to purchase a home. These Sharia compliant financing alternatives can also help to make your home more environmentally friendly.

As more and more people are looking for ways to lessen their carbon footprint, solar thermal roofing has become an innovative way to achieve this end. An apparatus containing flat plate panels is affixed to an existing roof where a safe fluid contained inside a solar thermal collector is heated by the sun. Once the fluid is sufficiently heated, it is pumped to the coil inside your hot water tank, warming the water for your household. Daylight is the only natural requirement to run the system year round and it even heats your water on days when the sky is overcast.

Providing your family with a never ending supply of hot water is just one of the benefits you’ll receive when you invest in this green heat option. Once affixed to an adequate roof, solar panels require very little maintenance other than some basic cleaning. In addition, some research supports the fact that solar thermal heating can significantly reduce heating costs by meeting approximately fifty to sixty percent of the hot water needs per year for a family of four. Of course, you’ll need to consult with a roofing contractor to ensure the apparatus can be safely and properly affixed to your existing roof.

It’s good to consider the different ways you can get Islamic finance working for you.

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