Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | July 14, 2013

Consider everything with your Islamic finance including the roof

islam-11 Once you’ve decided to get Islamic finance products, you can rest assured you will be Sharia compliant as you enter the North American real estate market. When you’re looking at Islamic mortgages, of course it’s important to be thorough and check out the products from the top to the bottom. That’s also a philosophy that applies to any homes you look at starting with the roof.

Because it’s at the top of the home, it’s important for first-time buyers to understand a little bit about the things they need to look for. For example, trees are a beautiful addition to any yard but they can be a hindrance to the life span of your roof. Because they shade areas that can stay moist for a long period of time after a rain shower, take a look on the roof of any home you are interested in to see if mold has formed under the branches of the tree.

As careful as you are going to be about choosing the right Islamic loans, making sure the shingles on your new roof are in good shape is equally important. If any appear to be cracked or curled from wear and tear, you might be able to ask for a reduction to the home’s listing price.

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