Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | July 28, 2013

Islamic finance is just one tool of the trade

islam-11 Getting started in real estate and owning property means understanding all the different aspects of Islamic finance so you can stay Sharia compliant. These Islamic mortgages are the right financial tool to help you stay away from riba, but there are some other types of tools you need to know about so you can learn to do a little maintenance and protect the equity you’re hoping to build up in your new home.

The following are a couple of multipurpose tools that should help you with a variety of different household chores.

  • Circular saw. This is the tool that does the same job as a hacksaw, but is more efficient because it is powered. Equipped with a combination blade, this saw can handle both rip and crosscuts.
  • An electric drill is another necessity for any homeowner. Here, it’s a good idea to make sure the drill you get is double reversible and can exchange bits with a minimum of fuss.

Keep in mind, Islamic mortgages will help get you in the door of your new home, but once you’re inside, it’s important to understand the immensity of the investment you’ve made and the tools you’ll need to protect it.

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