Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | August 9, 2013

A few good reasons to buy a home with Islamic loans

islam-11 There’s been a fair amount of bad talk about home ownership in recent years, but the fact remains, it’s still a great investment. For the practicing Muslim, getting the right Islamic finance in place and buying a property is a solid financial choice.

Here’s just a few reasons why Islamic loans make sense.

  • You can get a great deal today. Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller Index tracks the prices in 20 big cities and they report there are deals to be found in many different real estate markets.
  • Mortgages are inexpensive. Remember, borrowers are being offered some of the lowest rates available right now, but financial experts predict that won’t last forever. In fact, some say these low numbers have lasted too long already.
  • You’re building equity. The money you put down on Islamic mortgages or more traditional types of mortgages gets transferred into equity you can use later on.

Finally, you’ll want to stay Sharia compliant if you’re a practicing Muslim and that’s where Islamic loans come into play. With the right moves, you can own property that increases in value and practice your beliefs at the same time.

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