Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | August 11, 2013

Islamic finance tips: How to repair the flashing around your home

islam-81 Once you’ve bought your very first home or your next home using Islamic finance as your foundation, it becomes important for you to understand a few things about how to conduct proper maintenance so you don’t lose any equity in the home you’ve chosen.

Although most people think about the windows and roof as the major points of repair, there are other necessary things you will need to look at like the flashing which is designed to strengthen and weatherproof the joints and angles along the roof. It’s important to remember any leaks that appear around this sheet metal flashing must be repaired as soon as possible.

Of the first things you’ll need to do is make sure any loose nails are nailed again and cover the exposed heads afterwards with roofing cement to prevent more leakage. You should also plug any pinholes you find with the same type of roofing cement. For any holes in the flashing that are two inches in diameter or smaller, you can cut a piece of flashing and cover over the exposed area. Afterwards, applying more roofing cement will make the bond last.

Of course, the best way to cover any possible holes in your Sharia compliance is with Islamic loans.

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