Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | September 29, 2013

Getting Islamic loans starts with getting a good real estate agent

islam-81Once you’ve got your Islamic loans application squared away, you’ll need to start looking for a property that suits your needs and budget. Just as you needed an expert in Islamic finance to get you started on that side of the equation, you’ll need a good real estate agent who can match you with the right property. There are lots of these professionals online and you’ll need some criteria to narrow down your choices.

  • Start with experience. The honest real estate agent will be only too happy to answer your questions about how long they’ve been in the business. It’s best to ask to see any licenses and other credentials like awards they might have won or other accolades from their industry.
  • Ask to see listings. You need to get a feel for the kind of job they’re going to do for you as well and that includes something tangible about past performance. Real estate agents that are credible will have a portfolio of their most recent sales you can look at.

When you finally decided to use us to get your Islamic finance in order, you were confident we could do the job you required. The same process should apply to the real estate agent that’s going to help you search for a home.

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