Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | October 13, 2013

Islamic mortgages and electrical saftey

islam4Although you have Islamic mortgages on your side and are therefore safe from riba, there are other problems you might encounter and areas in the home itself that might need to be looked at for safety violations. One of the biggest areas where you might need to take a close look is the electrical system in general and the type of extension cord that you use particularly.

It’s important to avoid damaged or otherwise unsafe cords. Remember that frayed or damaged cords can expose wires and these can become potential shock or fire hazards. Here’s a few things you can do to avoid running into trouble with the extension cords you use.

  • Make sure the ones you have in your home bear the mark of a recognized certification agency.
  • Keep up a routine of maintenance that includes looking for loose or exposed plug parts.
  • Use the right cord for the job. Remember, some are designed for outside and some for inside use for very good reason.
  • Extension cords are to be used for temporary purposes only. If you need better wiring, it’s best to get that done.

Your Islamic mortgages will help you to stay Sharia compliant. Don’t forget to look after the other areas where safety can be an issue.

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