Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 1, 2013

Location works hand in hand with Islamic loans

There ‘s lots to digest when you’re shopping for a home after you’ve made the decision to go with Islamic loans.  Of course one of the most important islam-11things is to be able to stay Sharia compliant, but you’ll want to buy a place that has good value as well and one of the primary concerns there is location. It’s a term you hear from real estate agents and one you shouldn’t ignore when looking for a new place or your first house. Here’s a few of the benchmarks that are important.

  • Utilities. The placement of these becomes especially important when you’ve made the decision to move to a country property. The location needs to have access to the electrical grid, otherwise, having an electrical line brought in can be expensive and in some cases impossible.
  • Amenities. If you’re looking in the city, it’s a good idea to have transportation, schools and shopping near to the location you’re looking at.

Getting the most from your Islamic mortgages means finding a place with good resale value and starting with the location is an excellent idea. Finally, check the grade around the house itself to ensure that rainwater and melting snow will in fact flow away from the foundation.

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