Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 7, 2013

Some Quick Ways To Winterize Your Home

You’ve made the right move and gotten involved with Islamic finance. That’s only the beginning and now you’re learning all the different things that go into the monthly finances and even seasonal maintenance. That brings us to the upcoming season that not everyone welcomes with open arms. Winter is a great time of year for some sports, but a hard time on that all important investment you’ve made in your home. Here’s a few things you can do that are just as proactive as the Islamic mortgages you already have.

  • Get insulated. If you’re so disposed, getting up in your attic to add some insulation is a bonus that saves money but doesn’t cost all that much. Here’s a tip you can use to see if there’s a need to add more. If you go into that space and you can see the ceiling joists, the chances are it’s time to add to the existing layers.
  • Check out the furnace. Remember this is the backbone of all your efforts to keep your family warm in the winter. Have the appliance cleaned annually and change those filters on a monthly basis.

Your Islamic mortgages will keep you spiritually warm, these tips will keep your home warm too over the long winter.

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