Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 9, 2013

Islamic finance and watching the markets

One of the things you’ll need to do when you make the big decision to start looking at Islamic finance options is start understanding how the markets work when it comes to real estate. Buying during certain times is better than others and the same goes when you want to sell and move onto another property.

Good Time To Buy

It’s generally considered a good thing to buy when the prices are low but you need to look at the purchase a little more closely. Prices generally fall during the normal market cycles and then rebound, but there can be more to a dip than first meets the eye. Be sure the area you’re thinking about hasn’t undergone some drastic upheaval like a major industry moving away or a spike in crime. Prices might not rebound from those factors.

Future Plans

The market price for any home you’re considering could be affected by future plans as well. Do your homework here to see if there are any future development plans for shopping malls, recreation centers, or even industry that will cause real estate prices in the area to jump.

Islamic mortgages are tied to Sharia Law and the equity you have in your home at the same time.

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