Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 20, 2013

A few things to avoid when selling your home

After you’ve gone through the process of getting Islamic loans and had a home for a number of years, the time might come when you decide for a variety of reasons to move on and find a new place. You’ll already know what to do to get new Islamic mortgages, but here’s a few tips on what you should avoid when you’re selling a home.

  • Letting The Lawn Go. People looking at your property see the lawn quite often as the first impression they get, or at least an extension of the home itself. Keeping the lawn trimmed when there’s a For Sale sign in front increases your chances of making a good impression to for sale signprospective buyers. Letting it go makes the place look messy.
  • Letting animal smells linger. This is much the same as leaving your lawn to the weeds except the smell inside of litter boxes or dog messes can easily offend a visitor. Remember here you might be so used to the odor in your home that you might not even notice what could ruin a potential sale.

Getting Islamic finance puts you on the right path when it comes to staying Sharia compliant. Once you’ve got a foothold in the real estate world, learning how to sell and buy can increase your holdings.

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