Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 23, 2013

Islamic loans can help pay for roof repairs

Getting Islamic loans makes a big difference for those who are looking to get into the real estate market and stay Sharia compliant at the same time; however, you’ll find that keeping up with the necessary repairs and maintenance is also something that can be a drain on the finances. You need to keep a good roof over your head for starters and here’s a few things you can look for that should tell you it might be in need of some repairs.

  • Curling shingles. These are meant to lay flat so water rolls away and down through the gutter system and away from the sides of the house. When roofingthe shingles start to curl, they are reaching the end of their life expectancy and this is one of the first indicators you’ll need to replace them soon. Islamic finance products last for a long time and you should expect to get replacement shingles that do the same. Twenty years and up are good benchmarks to shoot for.
  • Leaks. The bad thing about leaks is the source can often be far away from where the water is coming into your home and therefore hard to find. The good thing is they don’t always mean you need to get a new roof. Sometimes only a shingle or two needs to be replaced.

Keeping a solid roof over your head is important.

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