Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 26, 2013

Islamic loans are just one part. You need to look at house sizes too.

Getting the right Islamic loans are just the starting point for your new adventure in real estate. Having Islamic finance in place is only one step and making some fundamental decisions about the size of the home you want is another critical step. It’s a good idea to take a few moments to look at the number of rooms you’ll need presently and into the future too.


Deciding on the plans you have when relatives get older is one important first step. Older parents who want to come and live with you as they age means you’ll need to look at a home with extra room. It might appear to be an extra expense now, but when your parents want to move in houseand you haven’t planned ahead, moving again can be an even bigger expense.

Extra Income?

Although the economy is getting better, no one really knows what the future will hold so some prudent people planning their future will want to have the option of some extra income. That can mean having an extra room to rent in the house to bring in some much needed additional income when necessary.

When you get Islamic loans, you’ve made a move forward. Planning the number of rooms you’ll need is another critical step.

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