Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | December 23, 2013

Snow shovelling rules you can’t ignore

This is the season where you can look out from your windows with a warm coffee and enjoy the sun glinting off the newly fallen snow from your living room. Then you get to go outside and shovel it.

Still, there’s no need to rush to get outside right away. You wanted to stay Sharia compliant and prepared by getting Islamic loans, and now it’s time to prepare the same way before you go outside to clear the walk and driveway. The best way to start is by stretching. You need to have all those muscles ready to go when you start heaving snow around the front of the yard and that means using exercises that stretch your back and shoulders. Try to use the snowsame methods favored by bikers and runners.

You need to plan your moves as well. Moving the snow the shortest distance possible lessens the chances for injury and fatigue. The best technique is to move the first shovel full furthest away from where you started and then move back toward that point. That way you’ll be closer to the end as you tire out.

Remember, getting Islamic mortgages will help you to steer clear from riba but not the snow.

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