Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | December 24, 2013

A home improvement checklist will keep you focused

After you’ve got the Islamic finance deal under your belt, you can easily feel both overwhelmed and confused by all the things you need to do in your new home. There are new bills to pay and a host of maintenance responsibilities you might not have dealt with before. Along with all that, you should be aware of what needs to be upgraded to keep your equity as high as possible so you’ll get good money when you finally decide to sell.

Here’s a few pointers on going through the renovation process successfully.

  • Make a list. Here you need to categorize the things you’ll need to have done and place them in order of importance based on a few different criteria. For example, if both the basement and the kitchen are in need of an upgrade, you’ll need to keep in mind the kitchen renovation will deliver more checklistreturn for your dollar than the other room since kitchens are often the showcase of the house.
  • Select a hideaway. After you’ve found the right contractor and set on a budget and start date, you should select a room where you’ll be able to carry on with your life relatively untouched by the renovation work around you. Placing a DVD player and a chair or small sofa in that room will help get you through the hammering.

Islamic loans get you started with home ownership but there’s always a new adventure around the corner.

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