Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | December 28, 2013

Effective techniques for negotiating a price

Other than getting your Islamic mortgages straightened away, one of the most important aspects of buying a piece of real estate is negotiating the price. Be aware the asking price for the property you’re interested in is just that. Almost every homeowner builds some ‘wiggle’ room into the number because they expect the process will involve negotiations.

If you start by bidding low while at the same time letting the seller’s agent know you’re an interested contender, you stand a chance of getting the home for a lower price. Agents always want to focus on the serious buyers and if you call several times and ask them if there’s been any other interest in the home ownership dec28home, you’ll set yourself up as a serious buyer. If you present yourself this way, the seller’s agent could pressure the owners to drop the price.

If you can get the seller’s agent talking, you stand to learn a lot more about the property than if you tell them about yourself. Another great technique here is to answer any question with a question so you’re not losing any ground or giving away any information. Remember, getting Islamic loans was a learning process you needed to work through so negotiating a price for a home should be the same.

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