Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | December 29, 2013

Some tips for selling in the Winter

When you sign on for Islamic mortgages, you’re really just starting to learn about how to work the real estate markets. One of the most important aspects is knowing all you can about the buying and selling process. When you start, it might be surprising to find out that one of the times when you can actually make a move and sell your current property is in the Winter.

One of the first things to do is commission the pictures before the bad weather starts. If you can’t get the agent to take the pictures in a more seasonable time, try to get them done in between snowfalls when there’s a thaw. No potential customer will want to guess at what’s behind the home insulationsnowbank when they look at the pictures of your home online.

You need to have good interior lighting during that season when the sun is often hid behind the clouds for a large portion of the day. Experts recommend here that you even have your windows professionally cleaned, change lower wattage bulbs to higher ones and make sure all the lights are turned on when there’s a showing.

Your Islamic loans will keep you safe from riba and these handy tips can help you to sell your home in the Winter.

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