Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 15, 2014

House hunting tips that work well with Islamic loans

You want the complete picture when you’re looking at buying a home and that means getting Islamic loans for financing at first. However, there’s more to a good real estate skill set than Islamic mortgages. You need to know how to find the property you can live with economically and be comfortable with.  Here’s a few house hunting tips that can make the whole process easier.

  1. Put together a list of priorities. Gather everyone in your family and make a list of the things you need to have and the things everyone would like, but can really do without. When you start looking at homes, there will be many dazzling items that might sway you unless you’ve got that list right mortgage decby your side to keep everyone on track.
  2. Comparisons are important in making the right choice on where to spend your Islamic loans in the end. Bringing a checklist along to each home gives you some reference material so you can see the pros and cons of each place you visit.

There are some other practical considerations beyond the Islamic mortgages you decide on. Bringing along furniture measurements is one good way to narrow down the choices if you plan on bringing your sofas, chairs and beds from the old house to the new location.

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