Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 17, 2014

A few things that need to be done before a home inspection

After you’ve had Islamic mortgages for awhile and been in the real estate game for a bit, you could very well decide to sell and move onto a different property. Part of getting that all important sold sign on the front lawn of your home is having a home inspection done so any issues can be addressed properly. Doing your part is essential to making the process run smoothly, and here are a few quick tips that don’t take much time or bother.

  • Ask for any documentation that the company performing the inspection can provide. This could include an Inspection Agreement and a sheet home inspectoroutlining the Terms, Conditions and Standards of Practice.
  • Making things accessible is important. The water heater, furnace and electrical panel should be obstruction free and any attics and crawl spaces should be easy to get to. If you’ve got pets, they should be confined or put outside while the inspection is going on.

It’s also a courtesy to clear walks and driveways on the appointed day before the inspector comes. By addressing these simple issues, this essential aspect of selling your home should go as smoothly as possible and be as hassle free as getting Islamic loans.

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