Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 22, 2014

Dont Forget To Look At These Features Outside The Home

You need to look at a home from every angle before you take the plunge into home ownership and that means getting to know all you can about what to look for outside as well as everything you need to know about Islamic finance. It’s a good idea to take a walk outside after you’ve gone through the interior of the place to look for these features that make a difference.

  • Grading. This may not be one of the most interesting or exciting aspects you’ll look at, but it is one of the more important. Grading is about the general slope of the land around the house and especially how it will prevent any runoff from accumulating during the different seasons. The idea is home for saleto look for earth that slopes away from the foundation so rain, melted snow and ice will run downhill and not cause any flooding or leaking issues.
  • Trees and shrubs. These always look wonderful on a property, but there’s another side to those trees that overhang the roof of any land you ‘re considering. The shade they provide on the shingles can actually prevent moisture from drying up and cause some issues over time. As well, you’ll need to set side some extra time to clean those eaves in the fall so the falling leaves don’t clog them.

You should be selective about all aspects of home ownership from the Islamic mortgages you pick to the yard around the home you’re interested in.

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