Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 23, 2014

Islamic mortgages and these tips will get you through the Polar Vortex

With the weather we’re having in some parts of the country these days, you can be excused for turning your attention away from Islamic mortgages to the best ways to keep things warm and running smoothy as the Polar Vortex brings in more cold weather. Remember that while Islamic loans will keep you safe from riba, these tips are what you need to follow to make sure your house is safe from the ravages of sub zero temperatures.

  1. Clear around those heat sources. Even if you keep your furnace in shape and clean the filters regularly, the heat that’s generated won’t find you if it meets obstructions on the way up from your basement. That’s why vacuuming around heating ducts is a good idea to keep them free and winteropen. Don’t let drapes, furniture or carpets cover these important openings over either.
  2. Upgrade or maintain your windows. While it’s best to get the latest update in vinyl replacement windows if you can afford them, older windows that still have their seal can be maintained to increase efficiency. Caulking around any gaps or areas where there’s a draft helps, and window plastic is a handy way to keep the cold out during the Winter months.

Islamic mortgages keep you safe from riba, but you need other techniques to keep you warm inside your house.

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