Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 24, 2014

Watch out for the two R’s–riba and radon

Finding good Islamic mortgages and well built safe homes is a process. Finding the right Sharia complaint loan that’s safe from riba is important but there are some physical dangers you need to be aware of in the actual place you purchase like radon gas in the basement. You can’t smell, see or taste radon gas, but it can be a serious health risk. Outside, this gas that comes from deep within the earth usually dissipates and is harmless. When it accumulates in an enclosed space like the basement of a home, it can be a problem.

Buying a test kit that needs to be sent to a lab after a specified time is one way to test the radon levels in your home. Another method is to hire a radonprofessional that can find the entry points for this odorless gas. These are generally places like:

  • exposed soil or rock around crawlspaces.
  • cracks or other problems with foundation walls.
  • hollow support posts.
  • cracks in the basement floors.
  • joints where the floor meets the wall.

If you decide to hire a professional, take the same precautions you did when looking for an expert to sell you Islamic mortgages. They should, for example, provide a guarantee the levels will be reduced.

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