Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | February 5, 2014

Benefits of the buyer’s market

There’s lots to learn about getting a new home and deciding on Islamic finance is only the first step. Beyond what kind of home you want to buy, one of the other aspects you’ll need to look at is when to sign on the dotted line. It’s still a buyer’s market for people who qualify to buy and that means there’s a surplus of listings. Here’s a few benefits of looking seriously during this buyer’s market.

  • You can offer less than the asking price and be taken seriously. When any listing is getting fewer offers than anticipated, and this is generally the case during a buyer’s market, offering less than the asking price can work. Try looking for homes that have been on the market for house huntingmore than thirty days.
  • You can ask for and often get those extras. An allowance to replace an outdated rug is one of the those things you can ask for in a buyer’s market that a seller might not agree to when there’s more demand. There’s room for more negotiation when the home has been sitting for some time.

Finally, you’re in a much better position to ask that the seller look after anything to be repaired that’s found in the home inspection report. A buyer’s market is a great complement to your Islamic loans.

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