Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | February 7, 2014

Islamic home loans and some real estate tips for selling

When you needed islamic home loans, you went to the professionals who gave you the best advice on what to look for. Now that you’ve had that place for a bit and are looking to resell and move on, getting some advice from a real estate agent is the right move to make the place more attractive to potential buyers. Using the same process that got you those islamic mortgage loans can get that sold sign up quicker.

Small upgrades make a big difference

There’s no need to redo entire rooms, but you should consider changing out those tired aspects like a kitchen counter or worn carpeting. You might for sale signeven consider a renovation that you wouldn’t otherwise. For example, putting hardwood in a room makes a stunning difference that will grab the attention of any potential buyer.

Make sure the price is right

A little research does wonders and you should be aware of what the other homes in your area are selling for. Real estate agents warn against overpricing the property in the hopes those numbers can be reduced later. They recommend using the same transparent process that got you proper Islamic home loans at the beginning of your real estate adventure.

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